Posted by: I'm Admin | March 12, 2009


On Tuesday, 11th of March KIBI LXXII was opened by Kapusdiklat Bahasa. There’re 72 students in all.  They are military people  and civiliants from Defence and Services and will be in Pusdiklat Bahasa for about 3 months to study about English language. All partisipants are staying in Pusdiklat Bahasa’s Mess. The expectation is that at the end of their course, they can use English to conduct their duty in the unit and of course to be able to communicate with the  whole people from around the world. Happy study and good luck students.kibi-72



  1. wah hebat ngajarin militer. TOP

  2. I wannna joint this from my unit
    But I’m Privat…how am I have chance to joint this?
    for SusTa Kibi???

  3. how……am I haven’t have a chance to joint this program???
    come on the privat also have a chance to make this country be better!!
    all of us have a chance…don’t be discriminated
    answer my coment

  4. I’ve been tried for twice time to join in, but in fact , the order letter always decline ! Does any one can solved my problem !!

  5. assalamualaikumwarohmatullahiwabarokatuh i have test at kibi on Desember god willing swt i pass thexam and i also getest for nco warrior leader course god willing swt i succeed at 17 january until 19. i hope your pray help and pointmenthanks wassalamualaikumwarohmatullahiwabarokatuh

  6. how to joint in this program?? i hope for next time there is program for TA KIBI cos it is very important for our live n our organisation.

  7. I want join to this proggram,,

    • Saya juga.

  8. i’d like to join the test for KIBI advance or DIBI. where do i get the info about the schedule of the test. Thanks a lot

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