Posted by: I'm Admin | March 6, 2009

DIBI XXXIV was opened

dibiOn last Thursday 5th of March, DIBI XXXIV was opened by Kapusdiklat Bahasa.    There are 12 students in all. 4 people are from  Pusdiklat Bahasa, 1 from Balitbang Dephan, and the rest are from three services.   They’ll spend about 5 months to study about the methodology in English teaching.



  1. Happy learning, dear students…

  2. Ow yeah, hopefully all students can spend their valuable time during the course to gain the knowledge

  3. Dear, Admin..
    Would you mind to upload about KIBI for Peacekeepers 2009..?? Thanks before…!!

  4. verY awesOme!!

    Actually, I really wanna join the KIBI for the next. Could u mind reminding me for the schedule one, so I’m not being late to register the course.


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