Posted by: I'm Admin | September 15, 2008

Talking about advantages.

Advantages of Blogs to Teachers

  • The use of blogs is a supplemental aid to the teacher.  The amount of time students use their weblogs is at the discretion of the teacher.  Students can use it once a semester to submit a paper, weekly for class assignments and notes, or anything in between.  
  • Computers in the classroom are not a prerequisite for the use of blogs.  Thanks to the affordability of today’s computers and high speed Internet access, most students have Internet access at home. Many universities have computer classrooms and computer areas for students to access now.
  • All of the teacher’s notes will be viewable together in chronological order.  This is very convenient when preparing lessons that build upon previous material taught in the class.  
  • It is simple to edit class material if the text can be improved or if something new needs to be added.
  • All student writing samples are kept in one place and can be read from any computer connected to the Internet at anytime.
  • Teachers can give collective feedback to the class when a recurring mistake is found by adding entries to a “Writing Feedback” class blog.  Additionally, individual feedback can be given to individual student blogs.  
  • In order to save time when giving feedback, save a copy of the messages at an additional teacher-only blog.  If a class is taught for several years with different students, teachers might be able to recycle these messages. From this blog, the teacher can select the appropriate message to send to a student regarding their feedback to their homework and writing samples.

Advantages of Blogs to Students

  • Students have access to your complete notes on the Internet.   Students have the option of previewing the class material before class and reviewing the material after class.
  • Because students are connected to the Internet, they have access to online English dictionaries.  Students can easily look up words they do not understand by cutting the unknown word and pasting it into an online dictionary.
  • Because the class material is organized into sections, students can easily find information.
  • Students can read comments for the class as a whole and comments directed at them individually.  This maximizes feedback and contact with the teacher.
  • Students can observe how their writing has changed over time.


  1. Salut.
    C’est exactement ce que vous dites.
    Alors.. faites un Blog, vous aurez des avantages.
    Bon courage

  2. Indeed, it does useful but will be useless when the instructors ignoring the the power lies beneath. I supposed ICT is becoming powerful to assist instructors nowadays. But…you know it is a matter of being utilized or not. Supposedly the instructors’ power is so powerful to manage their potentials then whatever technology they touch, it will be more advantageous for everyone. everyone at all.
    Thank you for posting this issue. Please cite the resource for future reference.
    Thanks again

  3. Yes..I agree with you but i think they are not ignoring the power of using blog to teach but the don’t know at all about it.

    This is the address that you need,

    Good luck brother..

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    Wassalammu’alaikum wr wb.

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