Posted by: roisnahrudin | August 17, 2008

Top Down VS Bottom Up Management

When we start managing our English Language Center, every single teaching and learning package comes from “above” this then I name Top down management. Each and everyone involved in the program just “do” as instructed. Even it sound strange if someone is experimenting or improvising the teaching and learning methods. Most of us would not be surprised if instructors’ communication started with “well, what page have you been teaching now?” or ” what page is the next?” THAT’S ALL ABOUT. The practice has been haunting Pusdiklat Bahasa since the beginning of the creation of KIBI. So, it would have been more that 27 years of practice. I wonder how and why we still can live up ourselves with this situation, if we think that this is not “an acceptable circumstance” nowadays even when your KABADAN himself is not happy with. Whose top down management then has everyone practiced?

It is time for us to start thinking OUT OF THE BOX using the given package ONLY as one of billions learning resources and teaching methods hovering in this globe and beyond our virtual understanding of the very original concept of teaching and learning and using them altogether as our daily reference and then leaving the very shallow perspectives of NEW ALC and AELC package. WAKE UP and LOOK AROUND!!! This then what I call Bottom Up Management. An initiative and bravery to make a better change. It is time to improve and change.

Lastly stop being the “slave” of New ALC and AELC and its allies. They are good but they are not the only master to obey. Get other resources to live up your live and make your self a master of your own.

Good Luck.




  2. How lucky I am to join this course

  3. Hello Sir, still remember me? I’m back to study English because I didn’t have a chance to join the course when I was in Pusdiklat Bahasa. I agree with you Sir that we don’t have to stick to certain method in language learning, but we have to open our mind widely to get more knowledge.

    But in the other hand, as an education institution, Pusdiklat Bahasa needs something to hold to, so the students’ achievement can be measured. It takes both advantages and disadvantages, I suppose.

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