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There are two courses for English instructors that are considered to be the ultimate course or curse. Firstly, RATER Course – a pretty much demanding training where the prospective participants are squeezed in to rate the ADFEPLS Test results. The tight timing and the number of various interview recordings; using real interview with ten different interviewees and interviewer are “deadly” combination for the participants to assess. The “torture” is not ending before another ten times two writing test results to be rated according to the given rating description. Another two rating activities focused on the Reading and Listening test results. These two are less likely seemed to be a big issue to worry.

Secondly, Interpreter Course – a very challenging course ever conducted at Pusdiklat Bahasa. As one of the graduates of the 1st Interpreter Course in 2001, I felt very proud of being one of a couple of the survivors. Indeed, Interpreter course that I was involved in was the most challenging course I have ever experienced. The instructors were Mr Barry Turner, a senior lecturer of RMIT Melbourne and Mr Dave Deck, a senior instructor of ADF Langs RAAF Williams Base Laverton. They are all NAATI accredited interpreters. With their intensive assistance during the course, all participants were exposed to a brand new knowledge of interpreting.

Having had the qualification of being Rater or Interpreter, one will get the heaps of benefit from their new status if they can manage their tasks. On the other hand, those who are not lucky to get the attribute will suffer from having been in the courses. This is because most of us still expect that having had Rater and Interpreter course means that one capable of performing RATING and INTERPRETING tasks which in fact NOT EVERYONE CAN.

Lastly to say, Rater and Interpreter Course can be an extraordinary opportunity those who are lucky enough to get through, but at the same time for those who are not eligible and qualified those courses will be CURSES. Who supposed to take the responsibility is a matter of looking at the potentials of self and the needs of the unit then we can never answer the question. What the most important issue to consider is better to keep the requirements of the both courses as a non-negotiable profile. If none of the prospective candidates meet the profiles, the courses shall not be conducted. This will save not only the future career of the prospective personnel but also the credibility of the unit where this person is assigned.



  1. Hi sir,

    It seems that you’ve given a crystal clear horror description about those particular courses sir, hi hi hi. Just not to scary people then, perhaps our defence or TNI still have some people who want to give a try to the challenges, may be you have some suggestions that can be shared here about the specific skills or qualifications that they need to have, before deciding whether they will proceed their letter order from their unit or not. We know that a soldier can’t refuse an order.
    I believe it will be very very helpful.

    Best regard,

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