Posted by: roisnahrudin | July 14, 2008

KIBI for Other Ranks (Why Not?!)

Recently, Pusdiklat Bahasa been flooded with prospective candidates for UN PKO Force. Miss Etty (officer in charge of overseas test) mentions that in a week there are more than 150 TNI personnel sit on the English Language Test. These personnel are going to be deployed to man the UNPKO missions in Libanon (UNIFIL) and Congo (MONUC). As an illustration, TNI deploys numbers of contingents to support the UN mission; Engineer, Doctors, and lately entrusted by the UN, TNI will deploy their personnel for The UN Military Police mission and Force Protection Unit Mission. The last one is taking a bunch of other ranks personnel such as private to corporal.

As we are all aware that TNI’s other ranks soldiers are well trained in tactical protection mission, they are also known as being loyal, highly motivated, seamless fighting spirit. Their skill and mastery upon their individual armament are above normal par. They are in their daily life just to train and sharpen their weaponry skill and specialization; they become sniper, bomb expert, master of disguise, sabotage expert. It is not bombastic to mention that these personnel are the expert and the master in their fields where such expertise is required for Force Protection Unit.

From our observation however, their capability to operate armament are not supported with the ability to communicate especially using English Language. We oversee and experience that not many of these soldiers pass the English language test. There are two main reasons; firstly, because they “just do the order to sit in the test from their CO” that they are not necessarily understand what they face. Secondly, because they have never been trained to do the test or attend any English course beforehand. The fact that the results are not satisfying is not a surprise.

What we can do to deal with the above issues are varies. One who has been attending KIBI might be able to internally train them within their related unit. Another might take initiatives by providing a short course prior to the test. And, the soldiers themselves might take initiative by attending English course privately. The last one will be a rare case I think.

Nonetheless to say, it is the responsibility of Pusdiklat Bahasa to train them, no matter efforts and initiatives been taken by all parties. As a sole KIBI dealer in the MOD and TNI, Pusdiklat Bahasa should take initiatives and start running the business. This is URGENT! Unless other Language Schools in the Angkatan will execute the mission, but would they?…




  1. Mendiskusikan masalah penting dengan topik sesuai spesifikasi blog seperti ini adalah salah satu impian saya dalam mendorong kegiatan blogging di Badiklat! Saya hargai Ro’is dan Yuline yang selalu berinisiatif melemparkan ide-ide penting untuk ditanggapi! Saya juga hargai beberapa orang yang aktif dan konsisten berpartisipasi memberikan komentar atau pendapatnya. Dari SBI saya sangat akrab dengan komentar-komentar dari Dahlan, lalu belakangan ini ada Erko mulai aktif, tetapi yang lain mana?Dulu ada Thyas dan Ikhien tapi kemudian menghilang, beberapa orang lainnya yang pernah membuat blog, seperti Harto, Puji dll blognya pada “mati”, bahkan masuk blogroll atau di-link dari SBI pun tidak. Akhirnya, Blog Sekolah Bahasa Inggris rasanya seperti blog-nya Rois dan Yuline saja! Sayang, ya……

  2. Sorry, blognya Harto nampaknya bulan Juli ini sudah mulai hidup lagi, semoga berkembang terus!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with your idea Pak Ro’is. I was the one who rated them last month. Ironically, for those who got the opportunity to sit on an English test, they couldn’t say a word in English! While, on the other hand, our students (kibi LXXII) who have good English proficiency, complained that it’s difficult for them to get a chance to join any overseas programs.

    So, Pak Ro’is, I’ll be ready to support Pusdiklat Bahasa to run such a program to train TNI’s other ranks soldiers since (you’re right) it’s urgent to prepare them for any future overseas assignments.

  4. Maaf Kabadan, saya terlalu “asyik” dengan pendidikan yang saya ikuti diPusdiklat Tekfunghan hingga tidak sempat (tidak menyempatkan diri) untuk ngeblog. Bahkan blog saya pun belum saya update sampai saat ini, sehingga saya hapus alamat blog saya di Blogroll-nya blog SBI.
    Saya janji habis pendidikan selesai saya akan kembali ngeblog.
    Salam Hormat saya.


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