Posted by: roisnahrudin | July 14, 2008

DITC MTT at Pusdiklat Bahasa 2008 (14 July-10 Aug)

CO Briefs the IT participants

CO Briefs the IT participants

Kapusdiklat Bahasa Badiklat Dephan is warmly opens the DITC MTT IT (Defence International Training Center Mobile Training Team Inservice Training) at Pusdiklat Bahasa. This commandant hour is attended by Pusdiklat’s officials and English instructors, whereas from Australia’s side are newly appointed CO DITC CMDR Warwick Potter, MS Catherine, CAPT Kylie, MS Katina, and ALA CAPT Michelle Steward.

The objectives of this MTT that kicks off from 14 July to 10 August 2008 are to upgrade the participants ADFELPS Writing Skills of 5 to 6 and to enrich them with teaching methodology in particular using Military Campaign Course Book. They are 16 participants from Army, Navy, Air Force and Dephan competing to get the objectives done and hoping that their respective units can benefit from their training.



  1. Could it be possible to know the program? Can anybody share the knowledge? I believe it’s interesting and very important. Ths.

  2. Hi all,

    Today, I met CO DITC and he shared his experiences during the visit to Jakarta. He said it was wanderul and he really love it. We hope that the mutual cooperation between both sides can be more developed in the future.

    All the best,

  3. Yea, yea…
    Indeed, we had good times together during DITC Graduates Dinner Gathering on Monday 14 July. There were 30 graduates and 7 staff attending the informal dinner. There has been long talk and chit chat that I believe benefit both parties. Unfortunately our top brasses were pretty much busy that stop them from joining us.
    I will be posting the graduate dinner gathering moments here a bit later.
    Good ones!

  4. Dear all,,,,

    I think this program is very important for all instructors because in this class we will get a lot of information related with the teaching method for our students and also sharing experiences to the other instructors. Furthermore, in this course we will talk about our new English material for our English class.
    That’s really interesting everyone…..



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