Posted by: roisnahrudin | June 25, 2008

Electronic Book (BS-E)

A giant step has been taken and continuously encouraged by The Department of National Education (Depdiknas) to prove their commitment to public that they care about the quality of our national education. This is in particular to be viewed from the perspective of the readiness of the teaching package for those schools that financially insufficient to gain teaching package. In the past, Depdiknas distributed hardcopy of free teaching materials to these schools.

In fact, such efforts have been practiced long before today, however these methods have also been transformed into vehicles for committing corruption by some people in certain capacity. These minor conducts usually take modus operandi by asking some amount of money or fee from students or their parents for reimbursement purposes such as transport fee, meals fee, porter fee, and so forth. It sounds logic and we all participate in the drama and ironically just let these practices gone with the wind.

Today…Depdiknas launches BS-E (Electronic School Books) program where teaching materials are distributed online for free access. Efforts like this will indirectly diminish the above practices because students and parents now can freely and individually at their leisure time access and download the materials. They can do this via internet kiosks or home internet using dial-up access.

There are some benefits having BS-E established. Firstly, the initiatives indirectly promote the use of technology specifically internet to public; parents and students will learn how to access the materials. More than this, public in general will notice that internet is not a monstrous T-Rex brings destruction to moral and traditional values. Secondly, BS-E will battle the monopoly business where one door policy for book’s distribution is often singled by a particular strong distributor. Today, each and everyone can access this materials. Thirdly, economically BS-E will encourage the use of technology, therefore small business sector such as internet kiosks and printing shops will also gain better income. Lastly, the government – to certain extent- can reduce the use of paper and ink. This is consistent with the “Go Green” program.

Now, what lesson to learn from this Depdiknas initiative against our institution’s policy? When will we be able to do such practice by distributing electronic versions of our course package to our students? No more tiring, boring, and expensive printing and copying activities. Just let the students access the materials online and let them produce the chosen materials themselves. This could be the best alternative to reduce the unnecessary waste of money in our institution. This funding then can be allocated to increase the obsolete welfare of the instructors.




  1. I’d like to express my simpathy for the victims of Cassa’s accident. Some of them are Pusdiklat Bahasa community. May God blesses them and gives patiency to the left family. Ameen.

  2. Well, this launching program of the Electronic school book by Depdiknas may be one of the progress in educational field in Indonesia. As the writer mentioned that this program or this teaching material will give some benefits for our student to improve their ability regarding to lessons, introducing to techonology to them. And they can access or download easily via internet. This program also influence other factor such as, corruption or monopoly by the certain people.
    However, I am not sure with this program will be success because most of students live in the village and lack of facilities for accessing the internet. And for accessing internet also need some money whereas our people more concern with their basic need, foods. Hopefully this program trully the result of the research from The Depdiknas not just a project from certain people.

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