Posted by: sekolahbahasainggris | May 19, 2008

Laporan dari Ausie (part III)

 Hello Sir,

Thank you very much for your reply. I really appreciate that you are still calling me as a teacher. Honestly, I feel not really comfortable being asked whether I am a teacher in Indonesia.
I am laughing while imaging I have been in a cave for so long. And I keep laughing myself because I realise how much English proficiency that I’ve lost.

Talking about language skills, I just discussed about language attrition in bilinguals. Many of us learn a language. Some of us may gain considerably proficiency in the language. Often, for some reason, we cease to maintain this kind of contact with the language. Then, at some later stage, we might find that our language abilities are not what they once were. And I can become the example.

There are some factors might compromise our language ability after a period of non-use such as age, motivation, education and attitude.

Language Attrition can be grouped into four:
First-language loss in a first-language environment
First-language loss in a second-language environment
Second-language loss in a first-language environment
Second-language loss in a second-language environment

The recipe to avoid language attrition is simple(but sometimes hard to do ?!). That is by maintaining the language. Thyas’ children are very lucky that their parents support them by some biliterate materials.

Wish I can fix my blog sooner (there is technical glitch, I think), so I can discuss further.

Hello Sir,
You are right that my English proficiency is only hiding, but it’s hiding in a very deep hole so I have to dig as fast as I can in order not to be left behind.. hehe.. And I am getting older now hehehe..
I got problem with motivation. I kept maintaining my English through internet and kept reading my English books in the first three years after I was asked to moved from Pusbahasa. However, the environment was really different. I came to the point where hopelessly I thought I will not use my English ability anymore. The thick reading materials that I still read was only Harry Potter. I keep reminding Ayu to maintain her knowledge so she won’t feel sorry.
I’m lucky that in my University, there are some short courses available (the prices are reasonable and some are free of charge). I kept joining as much as I could (based on my schedules and load of assignment). I really suggest all new students to join any workshops although we, the Armed Forces members, have got the similar knowledge from DITC instructors. Let me give some examples: in my class, there are three other officers from Vietnam who never wanted to join any workshop and kept telling me wasting my energy. They are ‘active teachers’ not like me who is a passive one. But now, since we have to write some academic writing, they always get confused how to find articles from our library online. They do not even know that we may borrow books from other university which then will be delivered to our library, so I have to explain to each of them. We keep laughing by saying “no one is perfect”.

From : Capten. Yuline Monako


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