Posted by: sekolahbahasainggris | May 15, 2008

Laporan dari Ausie (part II)

G’day Kabadan. How are you sir?

First of all allow me to express all my respect to you and your family and hopefully you all are well all the time.

At this moment I also want to apologize for forgetting my obligation as an instructor and as a part of Subpok English only because beeing a student. The fault is really really at me. I certainly will keep in my mind not to do the mistake again and will more creative from now on.
Some reports about my activities right now as follows:

1. Practising gradual peer teaching about lesson introduction, giving instruction, vocabulary lesson presentation, vocabulary practice. The aim is to get the instructor back to the guidelines. We’ve been doing it for 3 weeks.

2. Visiting other institution which was La trobe University for observing english real class at general English education unit. The aim is to give a chance to MELT’s student to do comparison study dealing with all aspects of English teaching. We’ve done it once so far.

I think that’s all for now and I’m looking forward to getting your suggestion. Please forgive if there are mistypings and inappropriate words applied

With all respect,

2LT Dahlan



  1. is a difference between a follower and…

    a fan/friend. fans and friends will be more engaged wile followers are a lot less likely to click on a link you tweet or respond to you update or question. so setting a straightforward goal like the one above is all…

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