Posted by: sekolahbahasainggris | May 12, 2008

Self english study from Internet.


Hi all mates,

Once a student of mine asked me, “how to keep maintaining my english if I’ve finished my course ?”. This question is often and often raised not only from this student but also from many other students. As a matter a fact, people still can maintain their english even they’re not a student any longer. There’re some ways can be done as follows :

1. Spending some time every day to read english newspaper/magazine. It can maintain our ability in reading and writing as well.
2. Listening to english news on TV or radio. It works for us to maintain both our listening and pronunciation skills.
3. It’s better if people like to sing because they can keep maintaining their pronunciation by doing karaoke with english’s songs. It helps a lot.
4. People who have internet connection can surf for english’s resources ( some skills such as reading, writing, and listening) from many sites that provide it.

For the last way mentioned above, some sites which provide english’s materials for studying are :
4. many other sites that can be found by writing “english material” or any word + “english” into any search engine.

That’s all dear friends, good luck and have a nice browsing.


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